Jobs and careers are vital to both employees and employers, which is why legal disputes over employment can be so emotional and hard fought. The Bloom Firm represents both employees and employers in employment law related cases, including those involving employment discrimination claims.

State and federal laws prohibit employment decisions based on the person’s sex, color, race, disability, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation and protected activities (such as complaining of discrimination, requesting an accommodation for a disability or taking a family or medical leave).

The actions at issue could encompass nearly every aspect of the employer-employee relationship, including,

  • Hiring,
  • Promotions,
  • Rate of pay and raises,
  • Benefits,
  • Leaves of absence,
  • Harassment by supervisors, fellow workers, customers or contractors,
  • Discipline,
  • Accommodations for disabilities, and
  • Lay offs or firings.

An employment discrimination claim can be made against Mom and Pop businesses and multinational corporations alike by anyone from the lowest paid part time employee to the highest paid executive. These claims can be brought by a single employee and could also include class action cases potentially covering hundreds or thousands of people.

The Bloom Firm helps,

  • Employees who are the victims of illegal, discriminatory practices, and
  • Employers wrongly accused of discriminating against an employee.

If you’re an employee who feels you’ve been the victim of illegal employment discrimination, or if you manage employees or are an employer, and you feel an employee may sue you in the future, or already has sued your organization for employment discrimination, contact The Bloom Firm. We will thoroughly investigate the situation, give you your legal options and can litigate the case on your behalf. Time limits apply to filing these cases, so don’t delay.

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