If you’re a consumer who feels your access to goods and services is restricted because of illegal business practices, or if you feel your company is being illegally locked out of a potential market because of the acts of one company, or multiple companies acting together, contact The Bloom Firm. We can help.


If you feel your civil rights have been violated, contact The Bloom Firm. We can talk to you about your situation, go over the facts and determine which of your rights have been affected, who is responsible, and the best options to pursue legal action. There are time limits to filing civil rights claims, so don’t delay in contacting our office or you may be unable to file legal claims.


Class action cases normally happen when there are hundreds or thousands of parties claiming they’ve been harmed by a defective product or some illegal practice by a defendant. These complex cases could involve people from across the country claiming that under similar facts the defendant broke the law and caused them a physical and/or financial injury.


Defective drug litigation requires retaining an attorney who has the skills and experience to tell your story, use the best expert witnesses possible and handle the legal tactics used by high priced defense counsel hired by the pharmaceutical industry. The Bloom Firm fights hard for its clients and will work to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Statutes of limitation apply, so contact The Bloom Firm today so we can talk about your situation and your options to obtain compensation.


If you’re an employee who feels you’ve been the victim of illegal employment discrimination, or if you manage employees or are an employer, and you feel an employee may sue you in the future, or already has sued your organization for employment discrimination, contact The Bloom Firm. We will thoroughly investigate the situation, give you your legal options and can litigate the case on your behalf. Time limits apply to filing these cases, so don’t delay.


Some injuries are the result of poor judgment by individuals, because of a mistake by a driver or the management of a store allows a slippery floor to endanger customers. Mass torts are accidents on a large scale, with possibly hundreds or thousands injured because of a defective product or a hazardous situation. If you think you may be one of many harmed due to the negligence of others, The Bloom Firm can help.


State of the art medical devices have come a long way over the years. Though many of them have improved, and new ones are offered every year, too many are far from perfect. They can end up harming, not helping, patients. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed because of a defective device, The Bloom Firm can advise you of your rights.


A medical malpractice claim need not involve a surgeon or a doctor. It can also seek redress due to the mistakes of virtually any health care professional, including radiologists, pathologists, nurses and EMT’s. If you or your family find yourself in this situation, contact The Bloom Firm. We defend the legal rights of those injured by medical malpractice to seek just compensation for their injuries.


If you’ve suffered an injury, the person or business who injured you or their insurance company may offer you a settlement. It’s not a good idea to quickly accept their offer without first consulting an attorney. Statutes of limitation apply to personal injury cases. If you delay too long and don’t file legal claims in time, you risk losing your rights to claim compensation for your injuries. Contact The Bloom Firm today so we can talk about what happened and how to best protect your rights.


If you or a family member has been harmed by a medication, you may have a right to compensation. The Bloom Firm can protect those rights for you and your family. Contact us today to learn about those rights. Statutes of limitation apply so you need to act before it’s too late to file a legal action.


If you’ve been injured because of a product, you may have legal rights to compensation. Product liability law is as wide ranging as the products in the marketplace, from the simplest hand tools to the most complex airplanes, from pharmaceuticals to sporting goods. Product liability cases can be complex, so if you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, contact the experienced plaintiffs’ attorneys at The Bloom Firm. Time limits apply to product liability cases, so don’t delay.


The Bloom Firm represents both employees and employers involved in sexual harassment claims. We help the victims of this harassment and defend employers from these legal claims. We defend our clients’ rights and work hard to obtain the best possible outcome in the case. Regardless of the status of the matter we are prepared to assist you.


If you’ve suffered a serious injury because of exposure to a chemical or some artificial substance, you may have a claim for compensation under toxic tort law. In these cases you would have to show exposure to some substance caused you harm and that the defendant’s negligent or willful acts lead to your exposure to this dangerous substance.