The Bloom Firm helps businesses and individuals with a wide variety of legal issues. If you wish you avoid a legal problem, or confront it outright, The Bloom Firm can assist you. The Bloom Firm is a boutique general practice firm. We enjoy a good challenge, and fight for justice on our client’s behalf, regardless of the category of law.


Civil rights law covers a wide range of issues from race discrimination to sexual harassment and fair housing. Civil rights are the rights we have under the United States Constitution to receive equal treatment and to be free from unfair treatment in a number of issues, including education, employment, and housing based on legally protected characteristics. If you feel your civil rights have been infringed, The Bloom Firm can help you.

Employment Discrimination

If you’re an employee who feels you’ve been the victim of illegal employment discrimination, or if you manage employees or are an employer, and you feel an employee may sue you in the future, or already has sued your organization for employment discrimination, contact The Bloom Firm. We will thoroughly investigate the situation, give you your legal options and can litigate the case on your behalf. Time limits apply to filing these cases, so don’t delay.

Medical Malpractice

A medical malpractice claim need not involve a surgeon or a doctor. It can also seek redress due to the mistakes of virtually any health care professional, including radiologists, pathologists, nurses and EMT’s. If you or your family find yourself in this situation, contact The Bloom Firm. We defend the legal rights of those injured by medical malpractice to seek just compensation for their injuries.


Lisa Bloom, Esq.

Owner and Founder
Tel: 888-962-5666
Lisa Bloom is the founder and managing partner of The Bloom Firm, a general practice law firm that handles family, civil and criminal matters. Admitted to practice in all state and federal courts of California and New York, Lisa and other attorneys in her practice partner with local attorneys nationwide to bring justice to clients all over the U.S. Lisa is The Today Show’s legal analyst.


Alan (Avi) Goldstein, Esq.

Associate Lawyer
Tel: 888-962-5666
Alan (Avi) Goldstein received his Juris Doctor degree from St. John’s University School of Law in 2005 and is currently admitted to practice law in California, New York, and New Jersey. Shortly after law school, he began working for Subin Associates, LLP, a high-profile litigation firm in New York. Starting in 2010, Mr. Goldstein spearheaded his own law practice and served as of counsel to several Creditor’s Rights law firms.


Nadia Taghizadeh, Esq.

Associate Lawyer
Tel: 888-962-5666
Nadia Taghizadeh is a graduate of California State University of Northridge where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry. She earned her Juris Doctorate at the University of West Los Angeles Magna Cum laude, where she received Witkin and Cali awards, and graduated with honors.



  • DSC04015B. Armstrong, Client
    “Service was excellent. I rate The Bloom Firm at 100 plus. From day one the firm made me feel right at home. The environment was comfortable, warm, and very welcoming. The Bloom Firm fought hard for me to get justice and we did! From this day forward, I will consider The Bloom Firm a part of my family.”
  • gloria_allredGloria Allred, High Profile Attorney
    “As Lisa’s mother, my completely unbiased opinion is that Lisa is one of the finest lawyers in the country.”
  • PhilaInquirerLogoThe Philadelphia Inquirer
    “Feisty, articulate, and driven — she qualified for the Boston Marathon . . . a personal intensity and a fierce sense of outrage about women’s and civil rights, child welfare, and the abuse of power.”
  • jeffrey_tobbinJeffrey Toobin, CNN Legal Analyst
    “In court or on the air, Lisa Bloom is a superstar – for both viewers and clients.”
  • Randi_McGinnRandi McGinn, Lawyer
    "Lisa Bloom is the thinking woman's lawyer. If you are a businesswoman, a woman who has suffered discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace or just need a champion in the courtroom, this is the lawyer you want standing by your side."
  • lawyerAna V., Client
    "I hired Lisa and her team of lawyers to take over a defamation issue I could no longer handle. Lisa's firm had come highly recommended but I was still skeptical about how much they could do for me. My case results were more than I expected. Lisa and her team fought aggressively for my rights. I'm glad I hired her and would do it again if I ever need legal assistance."
  • lawyerNeil, Client
    "With Lisa, you get a great lawyer who also happens to be a great person who genuinely cares about you and your case. It doesn't get better than that."
  • lawyerAaron, Client
    "Lisa did an amazing job at keeping me up-to-date with my divorce case. She was very responsive and made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend her."
  • lawyerLiza, Client
    "Lisa is a great lawyer. She has a passion for fighting for justice and fought long and hard to win my case. She is a great lawyer and went above and beyond!"
  • lawyerAlessandra, Client
    "I worked with Lisa last year. I was very worried when I was looking for an attorney, as I had never been involved in any legal issues in the past. She took my case and really helped me understand the ins and outs of the legal process. Lisa was extremely hardworking, understanding, and helped me get the results I wanted. I would recommend Lisa to anyone that is looking for an attorney to not only take their case, but fight and win it!"
  • lawyerMarissa, Client
    Lisa is a brilliant attorney, compassionate and attentive, and always there for her clients. When talking to Lisa, you don't feel like just another client, she makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world. That's the kind of care and dedication that makes Lisa stand out from the rest.
  • lawyerBlake, Client
    "Lisa was professional, enlightening, and aggressive to help me win my case. A real lawyer for a real rough time in my life. I definitely would recommend her."
  • lawyerMichael Lohan, Client
    "For the past 6 years I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lisa Bloom. First doing charity work and various interviews. Not until recently, did I request that she represent me in a case related to my daughter, Lindsay Lohan. As a person, I have not found better, and as an attorney, Lisa is diligent, mindful of clients interest, protective of her clients and in all instances, a well versed attorney who doesn't back down to anyone when her client is right. When representing her clients in the press or media, Lisa puts her self and her own reputation second to the needs of her client. In toll, I can go on and on about what and amazing person and attorney Lisa Bloom is.. Obviously, it's in the genes. Hat's off to her mom, Gloria Allred and dad."
  • lawyerLitigation Client
    "I had a very complicated case, that required a great deal of understanding, care, attention...and most of all knowledge. Lisa and her team of associates were able to turn a very bad situation into something that I no longer look upon as a negative in my life. She was ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile during my case, and the fee was well worth the attention to my case. I will never forget Lisa, not only as my attorney, but as a sympathetic and understanding human being...that made an enormous difference in my life by handling my case so well."
  • lawyerCallie, Client
    "Not only is Lisa intelligent (you'll know it the minute she starts speaking), she's kind and understanding. Legal issues can be very scary. I know I was scared. She helped me every step of the way. She answered emails even when she wasn't "on the clock."
  • lawyerAlimony Client
    "Lisa was very supportive when I contacted her with my legal issues. Her response time was outstanding, and she helped me cope with the problems I was facing. I recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a caring and understanding attorney."



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