If you’ve suffered a serious injury because of exposure to a chemical or some artificial substance, you may have a claim for compensation under toxic tort law. In these cases you would have to show exposure to some substance caused you harm and that the defendant’s negligent or willful acts lead to your exposure to this dangerous substance.

Your exposure could take place anywhere.

  • You may need to work with chemicals or hazardous substances.
  • These substances could be in the construction materials in your home or in the cleaning products you use.
  • You may have been exposed in a public place because of the accidental release of chemicals.
  • Your drinking water may be tainted with these toxic chemicals because of poor disposal procedures or outright illegal dumping that results in chemicals seeping into your water supply.

Toxic tort cases require highly skilled and experienced attorneys representing plaintiffs because there are many factual and legal issues that need to be addressed. A plaintiff would need to prove the chemical at issue actually caused the harm and that the defendant (or defendants) caused the exposure to the substance. A plaintiff would also need to show that the defendant(s) knew or should’ve known the substances were potentially dangerous.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of exposure to a toxic substance, contact The Bloom Firm. Time limits on when a lawsuit can be filed, so call our office today so we can talk about what happened and your options to seek compensation for your injuries.

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