Some injuries are the result of poor judgment by individuals, because of a mistake by a driver or the management of a store allows a slippery floor to endanger customers. Mass torts are accidents on a large scale, with possibly hundreds or thousands injured because of a defective product or a hazardous situation. If you think you may be one of many harmed due to the negligence of others, The Bloom Firm can help.

These injuries could be caused by defective products such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, poorly designed medical devices, exposure to toxic chemicals and substances or vehicles which are dangerous because of a design or manufacturing defect.

Mass tort cases can be very complex and require the services of experienced, sophisticated legal representation.

  • These cases can require extensive evidence about the pharmaceutical, chemical or device involved.
  • Expert witnesses will testify as to what caused the plaintiff’s injury and why the defendant is responsible.
  • Given the large number of plaintiffs, defendants will often fight very hard against these legal claims because they could face many costly verdicts against them.

Given the high stakes involved in these cases, trying to settle this type of claim on your own could result in compensation far less than what you might receive at a trial. You also need to seriously consider retaining the highly skilled plaintiffs’ attorneys at The Bloom Firm, who have experience defending the legal rights of clients in high profile cases against corporate defendants. Time limits apply, so contact our office today.

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