Today’s medications can be medical miracles, curing people of diseases and conditions that may have been crippling or fatal not long ago. But these drugs can also cause serious harm to patients, potentially creating problems worse than what the medication was supposed to treat. If you’ve been seriously harmed by medications meant to help you, contact The Bloom Firm to learn about your legal rights.

You probably trust your physician to prescribe you the right medication and trust your pharmacist to get you what you need. You probably don’t give a second thought to those pills before you put them in your mouth but they could be harmful. In 2013, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled 1,225 different drugs because they were potentially hazardous in some way.

A drug could be defective in a number of ways. It was not,

  • Adequately studied before its release,
  • Designed or manufactured properly,
  • Marketed appropriately to a group of potential patients or for a use approved by the FDA, or
  • Packaged properly with adequate warnings about the possible dangers of it use.

Defective drug litigation requires retaining an attorney who has the skills and experience to tell your story, use the best expert witnesses possible and handle the legal tactics used by high priced defense counsel hired by the pharmaceutical industry. The Bloom Firm fights hard for its clients and will work to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Statutes of limitation apply, so contact The Bloom Firm today so we can talk about your situation and your options to obtain compensation.

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