Class action cases normally happen when there are hundreds or thousands of parties claiming they’ve been harmed by a defective product or some illegal practice by a defendant. These complex cases could involve people from across the country claiming that under similar facts the defendant broke the law and caused them a physical and/or financial injury.

Class action cases involve legal disputes where there are so many plaintiffs (individuals or businesses) that are claiming some kind of harm due to a defendant’s actions, and it’s not practical to have all these plaintiffs sue on their own. Instead, with a class action a plaintiff acts as a representative of the class (all those who suffered the same harm). Instead of having multiple trials on the same facts and legal issues, there’s one trial which addresses the legal claims and defenses, with a decision being binding on the parties involved.

Class action cases, because there are many potential plaintiffs and awards could be extremely large, are normally hard fought by defendants. If you are one of a large number of people that you believe have suffered some kind of injury due to the negligence or illegal act of a party, contact the experienced attorneys at The Bloom Firm so we can discuss the situation and how to best proceed to defend your rights to compensation.

Statutes of limitation apply to legal claims so if you wait too long to protect your legal rights you risk having your legal claims dismissed. Contact The Bloom Firm today.

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