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Lisa Bloom is the founder and managing partner of The Bloom Firm, a general practice law firm that handles family, civil and criminal matters. Admitted to practice in all state and federal courts of California and New York, Lisa and other attorneys in her practice partner with local attorneys nationwide to bring justice to clients all over the U.S. Lisa is The Today Show’s legal analyst and appears frequently on NBC Nightly News, Morning Joe and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. After earning’s top rating, 10.0 “superb,” Lisa was selected as legal analyst for the legal advice site, and she was recently named one of the top six celebrity attorneys in Los Angeles A bestselling author of Think and Swagger, and a popular award-winning speaker to business, student and women’s audiences, Lisa has been interviewed by Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Rachael Ray, Piers Morgan, Montel Williams, Julie Chen, Harry Smith, Matt Lauer, Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson,Tony Danza, Star Jones, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Bill O’Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Joe Scarborough, Tina Brown, Nancy Grace and hundreds of others in the United States, England, Ireland, Australia and throughout the English-speaking world.

Lisa is a 1986 graduate of Yale Law School, consistently ranked the #1 law school in America. At Yale, Lisa won first place in the Moot Court (oral advocacy) competition. Lisa graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA in 1983, where she was in the top 4% of her class and was National College Debate Champion, winning first place in a year-long competition against thousands of competitors from hundreds of colleges nationwide.

Over the last decade, Lisa has become the nation’s premiere television legal analyst. She frequently appears as a legal analyst on The Today Show, as well as numerous shows on CNN, CBS, HLN and MSNBC and others,  such as  Dr. Drew, The Insider, Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray, Wolf Blitzer, Piers Morgan, Jane Velez-Mitchell and many others. An award-winning TV legal expert, Lisa has made thousands of television appearances over the last decade, on every major crime story, from OJ Simpson to Scott Peterson to Tiger Woods, and is one of the most sought-after voices in American law.

“After eight years anchoring my own national show on Court TV, so many people have contacted me seeking legal representation that I could no longer continue to turn them away,” says Lisa. “I want to help. And if I can’t, I’ll try to send folks to someone who can. As I continue my work on air, I have come to know many fine lawyers across the country in different areas of practice. And we’ve hired only the best legal minds to provide outstanding service to our clients at The Bloom Firm.”

At The Bloom Firm, Lisa and her associates have represented celebrity clients like Insider host Lara Spencer, Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, and Michaele and Tareq Salahi, as well as CEOs of multibillion dollar companies in personal matters. “But 99% of our clients are not celebrities, just ordinary people seeking justice, whether in a business setting, a relationship, in the media, or their families. We are proud to represent each and every one of our clients.” Never afraid of a fight, as a trial lawyer Lisa has taken on David-and-Goliath battles on behalf of the vulnerable against some of the most powerful forces in our culture, including suing the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of a girl who wanted to become a Scout; the Los Angeles Police Department on behalf of a use of force expert in the Rodney King beating trial; one of the largest churches in the world for a boy who was abused at a church summer camp; a powerful Fortune 500 company on behalf of a wheelchair-bound employee who had been harassed because of his disability; and many celebrities and prominent figures in business and politics in sexual harassment cases, including a sitting Los Angeles judge. Lisa’s work has set legal precedent on important social issues from some of the first cases involving the rights of AIDS patients to cases of repressed memory of child sexual abuse survivors. Currently, Lisa represents individuals and companies in employment, family law,business, media and all manner of civil cases and negotiations.

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