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Lenore Riegel is an associate at the Bloom Firm, and she has also worked with attorney Lisa Bloom for more than a decade, including being a producer on the television series, Open Court with Lisa Bloom. After working many years at Squire Sanders, a top-ranked multinational law firm, Lenore realized that she longed for a more personal, individualized practice of law, so she jumped at the chance to join The Bloom Firm, where she feels at home surrounded by dedicated attorneys who fight the good fight, often against great odds, no matter the power of forces lined up against their clients. Lenore welcomes new clients to The Bloom Firm, and offers initial consultations. Being experienced in many areas of law enables her to mobilize the team of Bloom Firm attorneys that are best-positioned to achieve justice for each client. Lenore completed her undergraduate degree in pre-law at Carnegie-Mellon University and earned her J.D. from Concord School of Law. She devotes much of her leisure time to literary pursuits, and is currently editing a collection of poetry inspired by Emily Dickinson.

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